Boiling Thoughts

24 07 2009

Starting is always the hardest part of doing anything. Once you take that first step, everything just goes by so much faster.

This is probably the most useful lesson I’ve learned all summer here in Galveston. Starting this internship was difficult. Although I had decided a long time ago in the Winter to do this internship, leaving home after being there only a week and a half after school was not easy. Starting work on Central Christian Church that first week was not easy. I wasn’t really told how to do what I needed to get done that week. Basically, I was just put out there on my own. But, once I had it figured out and we started getting things done…well…now I’m here at the end of it. I leave Galveston tomorrow morning (even though we should have been out of here last night). It’s so weird that 9 nweeks have seemingly gone by in a flash, but at the same time, I never thought I would get out of here, at times. There were some emotional highs and lows, and there was drama more often than not, but really, it never overshadowed the good things that we accomplished here. I met some people here that I don’t think I could ever forget. I think the most amazing thing that I experienced this summer was that the work we did is a beautiful patchwork. What Paul and Morgan from Columbus, Georgia did the first week outside the church (putting up the plywood walls, tearing out old gutters, putting in windows, and more), people from Missouri took over the next week and finished up. What Kyle, Dwight, and I accomplished at Second Christian Church one week, was taken over and improved upon the next week by a group from Colorado. People from all over worked together to get all of this work done. While they never met each other, a little part of each one of the people here lives in these walls and together they have made these two churches we’ve been working on new life and new spirit through the love and effort they put in their work. That’s so empowering to me. In the end, I just have this feeling that this is what I am supposed to do with my life. While it hasn’t always been easy, I have loved it and have become such a better person for this. That’s what I got right now…




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