21 06 2009

If you are looking for another President update…it’s coming. Basically, I got done with the semester and that last thing I wanted to do was more research and writing. Now that I’m an intern, I don’t have much time for either. But…I’m not going to stop until I finish. It just may take a while. Lincoln is getting close to being done, however. I’m making little steps in that direction when I have time and feel like doing something productive in my off time.

I saw something this week trhat really upset me. We’ve been working with different groups down here in Galveston, but this past group was all CYF kids from Kansas. One of the girls had a devotional book, which on the surface appeared to be a really cool thing, but I looked closer at the cover, and it’s tagline was something about, “How to Fight Against the Pressures of Being a Teenager” or something else along those lines. It has these cool, hip looking kids standing as a group looking at these gross looking skeletons in the foreground of the cover. These skeletons had in their possession the typical things that pressure teenagers: alcohol, cigarettes, a syringe (presumably for drugs), and other things. But…there was one thing smack in the middle of this ensemble that was both impossible to miss and strategically placed. It was a book entited, “Sex Education”. That bothered me on so many levels, and I just felt terrible for the girl. I was so shocked to even see that on the cover. I really believe that a huge problem in our culture today is that people just don’t know enough about various topics, and a devotional book that is quite literally demonizing sex education is just continuing this major issue. If the best kind of decision is an educated one, doesn’t it follow that we should allow our grade school students to be educated on everything possible, without reservation? Why do people think knowledge is so evil? I think Galileo said it best:

“I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”

Just because someone is educated completely on a topic such as sex, that doesn’t mean that they are going to believe that sex is ok or that they are going to go out and have sex immediately. If anything, the knowledge they could gain from really learning more about a subject could further their position on that subject. I wrote that out really fast, and I don’t have time to go deeper, but…yeah. I hope it makes sense.

There’s this big oil refinery in Texas City. And everytime I pass it, it just amazes me. This refinery is the 3rd largest in the country, and literally goes on for a good stretch of road. At night, you can see these huge towers over the plant that are just spewing out big flames. Supposedly, these towers just burn the gases that aren’t useable by the refinery. There’s one tower the bruns a brilliant orange hue, and another that burns a deep blue with flashes of orange and yellow. Against the pitch black sky, these two flames just shine, and capture my gaze everytime I drive past them. I can’t help but be captivated by those flames dancing in the night. I want to be like those flames. I want to make something so beautiful and shining from the “waste” of the world. I want to be as dependable as those flames are to me.

I thought about it…and, instead of thinking, “Why are things the way they are?”, I am going to start thinking, “Maybe there’s a reason things are that way.” I was thinking about someone, and that came to mind. It’s a subtle difference, but it was such a huge revelation to me today.




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22 06 2009

It upsets me too, to see the demonizing of Gnosis. I grew up in South Texas and I received very little education on sex or sexuality. Now as you know I later received a crash course on Sexuality, which I am still dealing with today. Point is, looking back on my life the thing I wish I had had more of, is “sex ed” or teachings about human sexuality. My teachings on sexuality was that it was dirty, and definitely not something you did or even talked about. As I have gotten older that I think is the thing that has put the biggest stain on my past. Sex, and sexuality is not something that is dirty or wrong, it is a beautiful, and an intimate part of humanity, one that we should not demonize.

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