9 04 2009

I’m really pleased with the way Better Know A President is going. Yesterday alone there were 150 views on this blog. That doesn’t sound like much, but that’s the most I’ve ever had. I’m pretty sure it’s because of the Pres. info on this site. Visits have skyrocketed since I started doing that series. Coincidentally, the most visited post of that series (and very nearly the entire website) is Martin Van Buren. Go figure.

I’m really happy with the Cubs opening series against Houston. They didn’t get a sweep, but they looked great in every game they played. I’m really happy with Fukudome today. He really has improved from last year. He’s showing that he’s trying to get his hitting back together, and I think it’s showing on the field. After watching today’s game, I have hope that he will be the player we signed last year. I just get a good feeling from this team already. The pitching is great, the hitting is great, and everything is just great. They look like a real team. We’ll see what happens this weekend in Milwaukee.

Anyway, I wrote this last week sometime. I’d appreciate feedback. You know how it goes, I suppose.

Horrible Gift, Beautiful Curse

As a serf to their lord, I presented what I had been given
I tore it open myself without restraint
I ripped off the gift wrapping in chunks and tossed it aside
I broke open the box it was held in
I sliced through the bubble wrap that protected it
And there is was
A shimmering ruby that was open for all to see
It was a new statue in a public park
It was a glorious, unmarred monument of accomplishment
And it sat there
And over many years, vandals came
One after the other, with chisels and hammers and knives they marred my gift
Cracking and denting and taking pieces that fell off
a continuous striking
each more brutal than the one before
It burned and it
Greed snd carelessness overflowed
Then, for no reason, it started dripping water
It oozed out, then flooded everything
And other things poured out
A lonely white duck, a house, the White City, a state and state of mind, childhood memories, good intentions and a helping hand, an old zoo, cartoon dinosaurs, Holden Caulfield, a bear cub, a museum and its carousel, the human Jesus, and soft thunderstorms
But Nothing else
Then, that storm grew and it rained fire from the sky
And all of those things that emerged were burned to nothing
They were dust, and then they were blow away effortlessly
They were made into other things that were no longer mine
And put into other jewels
I took what was left back to nowhere
And I put other things inside that jewel
And I made it shine again like it used to
I found a new box and new wrapping and put it inside and kept it away from everything
No more would the present I was given be ravaged.
Then, for no reason, it went back out
And the vandals came back, and cracked it, and did not care but for themselves
But they were stolen from before, too, and I couldn’t blame them.
We are all guilty of that crime, and will be guilty again
Then the gift given to me and I, too, became dust and the gift was made into something else for someone else
Just as necessary and just as worthless
I wanted to believe in something greater
I still do and always will
But like serf, I cannot escape and must accept what I have been given.
I cannot do anything to alter this beautiful curse




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