9 03 2009

Sometimes I think I hear God speaking to me through the music I listen to than I do when I read the Bible. I don’t care if that’s blasphemous. I also don’t know what to feel about that.

I wrote this poem a very long time ago. Some things happened to me, and this is what I wrote down right after it happened. (Which, apparently, is not what you are to do if you want to write effectively.) I don’t know what to make of it, to be quite honest. Maybe you will like it.

I Can’t Die

Crackling burning bark from the Wisdom Tree
Violet clouds came and greeted us with comfort under the twilight near the maze
Hand-drawn stars in the sky were shooting from the Great Man’s mitten hands
The clouds kissed us, then left, and the Parade drew into the warm grass hut
Dr. McGillicuddy reached his warm hand out from the wooden cabinet and shook my hand
Then I went to my Model-T near the maze and met with the royalty of pizza.
I feel like dying
Electric wires in me since birth awoke in my feet and sent waves throughout everything
And I couldn’t remember what else
Feeling left me, and I could taste the drops of liquid coming from the Dream Pool falling from the hole in the sky
A prom queen was flipped upside down in a strange ritual of a cavewoman.
Big African Oriental man in the corner made echoing booms through his gaping grin
And I couldn’t remember what I was planning
I feel like dying?
The Harlequin pulled of his red mask and revealed more of the true novel
White Aunt Jemima took formal pictures of maybe married couples and…
Everyone was feelin’ crucial.
The ghost Gestapo came in the hut with a bright light
I crawled in the ground to get away, but they might have passed when the light was gone.
I still felt electric, and the sway of my toga lit me up each time
As I was falling away, the Robin Hood of bank robbers was there and welcoming me
And as the beckoning came for me to leave, and the strange Parade was giving me an exam of undeterminable meaning, the electricity was gone
I went to the Model-T outside, and with Blue Jays with me, drove through the maze and made it back late, only to find the beckoning asleep.




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