Anger Towards Prop 8

11 11 2008

When I heard that Prop 8 was passed, I was literally stunned. I thought that America was a country of civil rights for all people. I thought that we were a country that was at the fore-front of freedom for all people. But apparently I was proven wrong.

Many of the people who voted against Prop 8 belong to same religion as I do. Being a religion major at a university in Texas, I can say that there are a lot of people who interpret the Bible one way, and a lot of people who interpret it another. The interpretation that many people make is a bad one. They keep sending this message that God is so hateful, and so angry towards people. That’s not the message that I buy into. I believe that my God is a loving God and an understanding God . One that does not hate or condemn. I am so frustrated by fundamentalist Christians that are so blind that they condemn all of the people for who they are. Jesus did not hang out with the people that were popular or wealthy. He made friends with the tax collectors and the prostitutes. How can you expect people to be open to Jesus when you condemn them before you know them? Many Christians argue that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of their homosexual ways. In fact, the cities were destroyed because they were inhospitable. This is evidenced in that when Jesus mentions the cities, he alludes to them when discussing why people should be welcoming to all people. Paul’s writings are also brought up, where it seems to mention that homosexuality is wrong. But, these passages are indirect at best, and when you go back to the original Greek, you get a different message entirely.

The most frustrating thing about Prop 8 is that it doesn’t ask you what your personal beliefs about same-sex marriage are. It asks should they be allowed to get married. That’s it. The people that voted Yes on Prop 8 are limiting the freedoms for LGBT citizens. In doing so, they are making LGBT people a lower-class of citizens because they cannot enjoy the right to marriage like everyone other citizen of this country. I’m not sure if there is something more un-American going on right now, with the exclusion of the hatred for making Obama our new president.

All LGBT people want is the same right that everyone else in this country has: the right to be legally married to the person they choose and enjoy and celebrate that love like everyone else. In modern times when there is so much hatred and so much pain, shouldn’t we grant the right to allow these people to enjoy the same right and privileges? Regardless of your personal or religious beliefs about same-sex marriage, you must agree that all people should be able to marry whoever they want. It’s a simple matter of “Do Unto Other as You Would Have Them Do Unto You”.

Can anyone honestly tell me that just because LGBT people express their love differently than everyone else, they should not have those certain and unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? I don’t think there’s anything more to say than that.




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11 11 2008

AMEN Joel!

11 11 2008

What does the Greek text say?
Also, condemning homosexuality and then condoning gay marriage are two different matters. I being the “fundamentalist” Christian that you describe, do not support gay MARRIAGE. But, I am not opposed to civil unions. The Bible clearly states that a marriage is between a male and a female. Therefore, it wouldn’t be correct to call what the LGBT community would have as a marriage; that goes back to the very definition of what marriage is. And, yes, you could argue that even people who are straight defile the holy sacrament of marriage and skew its definition. But, I still stand behind the fact that it is between a man and woman, regardless of how messed up that can even get at times. All in all, I think that calling it a marriage is what gets me the most. I am not against a gay couple living together and having legal rights that married couples have. I am not for restricting their right to pursue happiness. Not even close. Now, whether I agree with their life-style being biblical, that is another story. However, that does not mean that they shouldn’t have the right to be considered a legal couple in the eyes of the government and exercise rights that a married couple would have.
And, this is purely a side-note, however close-minded you may view “fundamentalist” Christians, it must be noted that there is something admirable in a person who is willing to stick to what they believe even when it is slowly becoming unpopular and frowned upon. One cannot deny that this country is taking an abrupt shift toward a more liberal way of operating and this election has proven that “fundamentalist” Christians are in the minority. Maybe you should give your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ some slack.

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