2 Things

13 10 2008

I’ve been thinking about these two things:

I saw a commercial alst night for the Special Olympics. It was supposed to be all inspirational and stuff. There was a race and one of the kids fell so all of the kids went back and helped him up. Then they linked arms and ran across the finish line together to the delight of the parents in the stand. The tag line was something like “True Sportsmanship. Pass it On.” I was disgusted by this commercial. (Stick with me here.) Here’s my problem: The family was delighted by the kids working together to achieve this common goal without hating one another or getting in each other’s way. I guess what we’re supposed to take from this is that this is what we should be doing. Everyone should cooperate and get along with each other.

But that’s no even close to what happens. What happens is that we don’t cooperate. We get in each other’s way, even when there’s no reason for us to. So, the point of this commercial is to inspire us to do different, even though we can’t. So…really, there’s no point. If someone wanted to make a commercial like that, they should have a better message than that. Something like, integrity. Integrity is a much more realistic goa.

My other thought:

People are dependant. We use drugs and alcohol and a lot of other things to get through hard times that we don’t think we can make it through. A lot of people think that if we use those things we are weak or that it’s just wrong or whatever. We all know that alcohol and drugs are “bad” and that we shouldn’t use them. So, here’s my thought: If we all know that drugs and alcohol are bad, and we use drugs and/or alcohol to get through tough times, does that make us bad, or does it make us normal human beings?


Something to think about…