4 09 2008

I had an interesting experience last night walking back from the library. I wanted to share it with you guys to see what you think.

As I was getting back to my dorm, these two girls were in front of me. They were headed to the same building I lived in at Tom Brown/Pete Wright. They were a few steps ahead of me and as they entered, they noticed I was walking towards them and immediately shut the door on me. They literally grabbed the door and closed it. There wasn’t any doubt that they were scared by me. Then I walked up to the door, swiped my card and entered. They lived on the first floor and as I walked by them you could tell they were visibly scared by me and watched me very cautiously. I just walked on by.

I could tell that they were scared of me. Be it my hair or that I’m kind of big or that I’m just a guy and it’s late at night. But, I wasn’t upset about them discriminating against me and this was striking to me. The fact that I was discriminated against, for whatever reason, should be offensive. That’s what we are taught in our society. Discrimination is wrong, no matter the circumstances. But after this happened, I didn’t feel like that. I felt like they had a right to discriminate against me right then. I feel like I should be upset. I feel like should feel something that I am not.

I’m still very puzzled about the whole experience. Isn’t there something wrong with America if we can’t even give someone the benefit of the doubt and trust each other? Isn’t there something wrong when anyone is discriminated against? Yet I can’t bring myself to be angry with them for discriminating against me.

Honestly, I’d rather hear what others have to say. You can’t blame a woman, or anyone really, for being cautious, but at the same time, does it ever reach a point where one’s caution breaches on the freedoms of others?

Think about it.