Summer Goodbyes

21 08 2008

I just left South Bend for the summer a few hours ago, and it still hasn’t really hit me that I won’t be back until December or that I will be back in Texas on Saturday. As much as I didn’t want to come home this summer, it really has been a blessing in a lot of ways. No, it wasn’t always fun or good, but I did learn a lot of things and I did have a good time (at least sometimes). I know these are really cheesy and all, but I’m doing it anyway. Enjoy.

To the cast and crew of West Side Story:

Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough. It really was an extraordinary gift to be able to work with so many talents actors and dancers. Without a doubt, it was one of the best shows I’ve been apart of.  I know at times we were all ready to be done because it was getting really stressful, but performing to sold out audiences almost every night was definitely worth it. Doing this show has made me miss theatre a lot. WSS was the first show I had done since high school. Now I really want to go to school and tryout, even if they don’t like to take people that aren’t theatre majors. It was more than a pleasure to work with all of you, and I wish nothing but the best for all of you.

Camp Adventure Staff:

I think “Adventure” really sums it all up. There were times where I didn’t think I would make it through the day, and I thought I was just going to crash. When our “breaks” were full of Brian talking to us about stuff we all knew, and when that poor camper ran away from the camp, I was just ready to give up. But, even though it was completely exhausting, I can’t help but believe that I made a difference in at least one of my camper’s lives, even though I’ll never know for sure. I hope that David isn’t getting picked on, and that Tanner is less shy. It really was a good time, and although I wasn’t eager to do it all over again after that week was over, I’m more than ready to do it again. I don’t think I could have made it without you guys and everyone else for support. You guys were really cool, and it was a relief to have people who were just as lost/stressed/tired as I was.

High School Friends:

It was really cool seeing you guys. Really. Bonfires and parties at KP’s were a lot of fun. I’m glad I’m still friends with you guys, even though I’m never in the Bend. High school seems like such a long time ago, even though I graduated 2 years ago. We’ve all changed a lot, and become different people in a lot of ways, but even still, that fact that we can still hang out is awesome. Anyway, thanks guys. Have fun at school, work, whatever you’ll be doin this fall.

That’s really it. Thanks guys. I mean it. If you’re ever in the east part of Texas,  let me know. Take care, and best wishes to you all.


20 08 2008

I always find that this time of the day (or night, rather) is always when I am the most productive in writing. I do not understand why, and I do not really care to know all that much. I just know that there is something about the night and the rain that stirs up these intense revelations within me that I compelled to express.

I wrote something about the other night, but I do not want to post it right now. Eventually, though.

I leave for school tomorrow. What a blessing.