Progress of our Existence

10 07 2008

I hate it when I am not busy with something.

I think everyone feels this way, but maybe not to the same extent. Having a project to complete or a goal to be accomplished is at the center of our existence. Work is what drives us as humans. Everything we do in our lives is a task to complete. Even though bad things happen to us, they provide us something to strive for. How often does a disaster befall us, and we go on to conquer what was in our way, and then we feel better for having made it through? Then people go on to write inspirational books, speeches, etc. about how they overcame their problems and telling people how they can do it too. Those books are often very successful because the desire for problem solving is as universal as enjoying good food. The problems that we face go on to shape our lives and define us.

This is my main issue with the traditional Christian view of Heaven. Heaven is described as a place of eternal happiness and rest. This view of Heaven is problematic because if there is nothing to do, how enjoyable could it possibly be? Some would say that you worship God for all eternity, but honestly, the thought of spending all eternity worshiping God is boring. I do appreciate God, but I know I could not do that forever, and I am sure that God is not so vain to have everyone do this forever.

Eternity is quite a long time. I cannot even imagine eternity. Just the thought of eternity terrifies me, even if I am in Heaven. What do you do for all eternity? I do not think your existence simply ends. If our existence just ended, what would our existence have meant? What was the purpose of our existence if we simply extinguished? Our existence alone is evidence that we have a purpose and meaning. Why would we exist if there was no meaning behind it? I do not think life is that cruel. Life is not cruel at all; life just is. So, if we cannot simply go out of existence, and we cannot just do nothing forever, what happens?

The image of Heaven that I have is one that goes beyond human understanding. If Heaven was like our experience in life, how great could Heaven really be? I cannot accurately describe what this Heaven is like, because I cannot comprehend how amazing and awesome Heaven would have to be to deal with living there for all eternity. One detail, though, is that I know that Heaven would be non-exclusive. Heaven could not be as amazing as I think Heaven should be, if everyone could not go there. Instead of looking at what criteria a person should have to get access to Paradise, we should look at our similarities. Everyone on this Earth has lived a difficult life (in different ways) and we are all seeking that rest we so desperately want from this trying life. Any God that would deny someone eternal rest after a difficult life could not be as amazing and forgiving as a God should be, regardless of what they have done with their lives.

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