8 04 2008

Living is such a marvelous thing.

As much as I try to figure out the rules of living, I am constantly met with frustration.  The rules I try to apply to living never are constant. I never can quite boil down life to something as simple as a few rules. The more I think, though, I don’t think life should be like that. I mean, if life was meant to be boiled down to something like a few rules, it wouldn’t be much to experience. It wouldn’t be as wondrous as we all know life is. That’s life’s essence I think. It’s something beyond what we can really comprehend, and yet we all understand it at the same time.

The most amazing thing about life is the potential for so many different future possibilities or futures. I think it’s so fascinating to think about all the things that lie at your feet; all the different paths that your life could take, and at any moment you could miss out on something or go down a path you never knew about. You could get an exciting offer tomorrow that would change your life tomorrow, you could fall in love tomorrow, or any number of things could happen that could completely change your life. It’s so exciting to think about things that could happen to you and what your life could be like in the future.

I guess I’ve always been captivated by the future. I’ve always been so interested in what I will do with the short time I have on this Earth. Maybe I’m just thinking about this a lot because my birthday is Saturday, but I think that it’s a universal concern. I think what I really want to do with my life is just help people. I don’t even care if I’m a poor bastard. If I can just help people that are in need, and change their lives for the better, I’d consider my life a success. I’d really like to have my own family, too. A loving wife, kids, all of that. I won’t screw it all up, either like my dad.

I apologize for my rambling. However, the title of my blog says “Sporadic Thoughts” so you have to expect it.

One last thing to think about, courtesy of my good friend Dan Wilde: Remember who you are, and who’s you are.

Take care, all.




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