3 03 2008

There’s a giant ship in a large ocean.

Everyone in the world is swimming in the water, and trying to stay afloat.

Everyone is also tied to the ship. You can’t move very far from the ship, and if you stop moving, you will drown.

The ship must not remain still.

So…what is one to do in this situation? You have to move, and the ship must also move.  Well, it’s a good thing everyone is also in the ocean with you, because if you were alone, you would never move the ship. With the help of some other people (many, many more people), you can move the ship. However, unbeknown to you,  on the other side of the ship, people are swimming in the other direction, countering your attempts to move the ship. And there’s another group on a different side doing the same thing, and there’s yet another group, and even many other groups.

This is the metaphor that I thought of when I was talking in a group about the world. The ship is the world, and everyone in the sea is trying to change the world in the ways that they want to. You’ve got all the different political groups participating, and everyone is trying to change it in their own way. You can’t be apathetic in this scenario, and that’s because I don’t think apathy is constructive. If you choose not to participate, you can’t live because you will drown. This is like real life, because if everyone chose apathy, we wouldn’t get anything done. There’s also those people that are “Moderate”. Since people do not continually support the same party or group, that is factored into the scenario.

This is the way it works out: There are times when one group will get the ship moving their way, and when that happens some of the people who see this happen decide that it’s moving to far one way and must go swim on the other side. When this happens, some people see the ship moving too far this way and try to move the ship another direction. This goes on and on, and this is the way the world has worked for a very long time. People are so worried so often that things are “going to Hell in a handbasket”. But, whenever something happens that moves the ship to an extreme, it may stay there for a while because those in power will try to maintain power, but ultimately that power can and will be overthrown. The greatest dictators have all been defeated ultimately, and this will always be the case. Eventually, the ship will find its way back to the center of things, and everything will be fine again for a time. The cycle is unending.

It’s very frustrating and annoying to hear people try to say that the “end is near” and that they know because “the signs are there” or whatever. People need to realize that 1: God is taking care of everything. 2: The “End of Days” will come when we least expect it (If it ever does). 3: We aren’t going to kill ourselves. There are enough intelligent people on the planet to prevent us from doing something that stupid. (There are a lot of fools out there, but there are enough intelligent people to cover up for them).

Calm down, people. Everything is going to be ok.

Just let it ride.




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