4 02 2008

There are, or will be, times in your life when you become so sure of something. You don’t have facts to back it up, but you know regardless. You can’t back it up with anything but your instincts. You just feel it in your bones. It becomes such a simple, and obvious fact.

I’ve been lucky enough to have that happen twice recently.

 I had an awe inspiring religious experience today. I swear I felt God speaking to me. I’m so glad that the Lord could use me, and that I got to experience something completely Earth shattering.

I was walking back from class after I stopped by the bookstore to pick up some pens, since I had run out of ink. I was just listening to my Ipod, like I usually do. And then I saw a man in yellow say hello to me, and asked me if I could get him some food. I said that I could not give him money for food, but that I would be more than happy to take him to get some food. We started talking on the way to the Main, and he told me some of his story. He had been deeply affected by Katrina, and had lost his wife and home. We talked a lot about Scripture and the Bible, as well. We discussed the end of 1 Thessalonians, and he quoted from different parts of it. Then we discussed different sayings of Jesus, particularly from John, and he quoted several parts of that as well. I was impressed, not because he could quote the Bible, but because he understood their meanings. He also asked about my faith, and what I believed, and what I wanted to do with my life. He admired that I wanted to serve God with my life, and that he was doing the same. It was really inspiring feel like God was really working through him and that he was letting Him do what He wanted. I was amazed. We talked for a while about all this. Then he asked me if I could help him with a bus ticket back to Shreveport. I was cautious, but I just felt like he was truly in need. Needless to say, I got him to the right people, and they helped him out. After I got him a little more food for the journey, and got him to the bus stop, I hugged him goodbye.

I will concede that there is the possibilty that he was lying. There is a chance that he worked and trained to make up that story to sway emotions, and memorized all that Scripture to be persuasive. Even if he did lie, he probably still needed the food. When I hugged him though, it was not the hug of a man that took what he needed from you and was gone. It was the hug of a man who was in desperate need, and was eternally grateful. It was that moment when I felt God there again. I had felt Him when we were discussing Scripture, but even more so when I left him. I know that I did the right thing. And I know that God was truly alive in each of us at that moment. I felt that so much. It was overwhelming how much God was present. When I sit down to pray tonight, I will pray that he makes it safely home, and that he will get his life back on track.

I hope all of you see God in your life each and every day.




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