10 01 2008

I suppose I got this blog to have a place where I can write the random, but significant thoughts that come into my mind.  I’m not exactly sure what those will be. As any young man growing up in this postmodern world, I am condemned to have opinions on every topic imaginable.  Count on me writing about current news events and such, but also on the obscure. I don’t know who is reading this, if anyone, but as always I am open to different opinions, as long as you extend the same courtesy that I extend to you.

For lack of a better topic to discuss for my cherry popping post, I’d like to share my thoughts on the upcoming Decision ’08.

I think it’s hilarious how I am technically an “undecided”, but I have made decisions as who I will not vote for. For one, I will never vote for Mitt Romney. I think he is a person that acts not out of courage, but of fear. Having heard him speak (if hearing him speak on television counts), I think he is fearful of potential terrorist attacks on the US. In of itself this is not bad, but his response to this situation is. His response is one that is based on fear. It seems to me that he wants to take some of our freedoms away to keep us safe. To quote Ben Franklin, “Those that sacrifice essential liberties for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” This kind of government policy leads us down a path of totalitarianism that Orwell warned us about in 1984. It’s dangerous, not to mention that it goes against the beliefs that America was founded upon.

Hilary Clinton is another that I will not vote for. It has nothing to do with her policy or beliefs. I don’t agree with them, but that is not the main concern I have. The main issues I have are not personal problems I have with her. The big issue I have is her husband. Don’t get me wrong, though. Bill Clinton, aside from his scandal, was a good president. He did a lot of things to help the economy, and all. However, I feel that one, people are electing Hillary to get Bill back in the White House. Not only do I disagree with this, I think it’s horrible policy. He was a good president, but we need new blood in the White House. If Hillary is elected, it will be (like the media has portrayed it) a two-headed president. The other issue I issue I have with Hillary is one that might get me in some trouble. I have a problem with a woman being in the White House under the current foreign relation clusterfuck we are in. No offense to her, but the leaders of the Middle East do not respect women. They do not want to have a woman tell them what to do. If we want to make strides in foreign policy, Hillary is not the person to do that with.

The last person I refuse to vote for is Rudy Giuliani. This one is easy. I can’t vote for him because I don’t think he has any real experience, other than the fact he was New York’s mayor. I think that is hardly enough experience to lead an entire nation.

 Anyway, these are my opinons. You don’t have to agree. If you don’t, I want to hear your opinions. Please just let me know. I’m open to all opinions. Thanks for reading. Take care, friends.




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